Visiting with Game Designers in Budapest

Virtual class session with CEU

I (virtually) visited a Political Ecology and Environmental Justice graduate class in Budapest to help them with their game design projects a few weeks back. I thought it was a great session, and I hope the students got useful feedback from me and my co-panelists.

My full write-up and recording of the visit are on my department’s site: Designing Games for Political Ecology and Environmental Justice

A few personal notes:

The best/worst part about visiting a class in Budapest from Massachusetts:

  • We thought we had figured out the time zone scheduling, but were nearly undone by only realizing at the last minute that the daylight saving switch happens weeks apart for our two countries.

What I could have done better:

  • Tell the students up front how hard I find it to present creative work for critique, and that I would have been considerably more anxious in their shoes.
  • Used less design jargon.
  • Couched my suggestions in less declarative terms.

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