Pop Chopped

Via the shadowy arcana of YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, I was served up a video from an account named “Adam Emond”. Emond operated in the same vein as many Youtubers producing works in the “Every other beat is missing” meme (which may be well over a decade old) detailed in this Daily Dot article. Here is […]

“Buy-in as Infrastructure”

“How often do you get to gather a group of faculty and other academic stakeholders from across your institution in one room and have them talk to each other about how they teach and what they need to serve their students well?” From Michael Feldstein’s Toward Operational Excellence at Student Success: California Community Colleges Let’s assume […]

“Judge & Justify” Games for the University Classroom

On Monday, October 22, 2018, Anthropology professor Krista Harper and I hosted a gathering of University of Massachusetts Amherst instructors: Game-Based Learning Community of Practice: Make a Game for your Class. The session was built on the premise that games emerging out of the loose heritage of the popular card game Apples to Apples (we chose to label […]

Thoughts on “Making Digital Learning Work”

A new report called “Making Digital Learning Work” (authored by Arizona University and the Boston Consulting Group) summarizes case studies on “digital learning” efforts taking place at Arizona State University, Georgia State University, Houston Community College, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Rio Salado Community College, and the University of Central Florida. Higher Ed futurist […]

How Does Media Literacy Backfire? (and What That Question Misses)

danah boyd of Microsoft Research (author of It’s Complicated: the social lives of networked teens), recently gave a talk at the big tech/media/culture conference SXSW called “What Hath We Wrought?” (46 min, 14 min of Q&A) that’s been getting a lot of notice in among scholars of the intersections of media, tech, and education. boyd […]

Pew Report on “The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online”

I spent my lunch reading over this report (“The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online” compiled by the Pew Research Center) and have skimmed through the rest. The summary is probably a 10-15 minute read, and the major findings of the report (the first page) is probably more of a 45 […]

Sigh: “Historically black colleges must pay more to issue bonds than institutions of comparable financial strength, study finds.”

From Inside Higher Ed: The Cost of Being an HBCU “The only factor that couldn’t be ruled out was the race associated with the colleges involved, Mayew said. The typical investor for these bonds “is a rich white person,” he noted.” Here’s the journal article itself.

Video: Deep Work with Cal Newport

I recently finished Deep Work (2016) by Cal Newport, a writer and computer science professor at Georgetown. I read a lot of “productivity lit,” and while Deep Work definitely falls into that category, it offers a lot of practical framing for how individuals and organizations can structure their work environments to help produce better, more meaningful […]