Sigh: “Historically black colleges must pay more to issue bonds than institutions of comparable financial strength, study finds.”

From Inside Higher Ed: The Cost of Being an HBCU

“The only factor that couldn’t be ruled out was the race associated with the colleges involved, Mayew said.

The typical investor for these bonds “is a rich white person,” he noted.”

Here’s the journal article itself.

Video: Deep Work with Cal Newport

I recently finished Deep Work (2016) by Cal Newport, a writer and computer science professor at Georgetown.

I read a lot of “productivity lit,” and while Deep Work definitely falls into that category, it offers a lot of practical framing for how individuals and organizations can structure their work environments to help produce better, more meaningful outcomes.

Where I gather (not having read it) that Carr’s The Shallows focuses more on “here’s how the social and technological environment we have created is making us produce distracted, surface-level, ultimately-automatable work,” Deep Work trends towards “… and here’s what you can do about it.”

I recommend reading the book if you’re interested, but this 30 minute interview with Newport (embedded below) hits most of the high notes; the interviewer is engaged and knowledgeable, and they both share a number of specific practices and stories about how the topic relates to their work.

Here’s the audio version via iTunes.

Newport also writes a fine blog, Study Hacks, which goes into detail on specific tactics for deep work and related topics.